6.7.2019 H-litter 5 years and N-litter one year, congrats!

1-5.7.2019 Retriever camp in Keuruu. Fille , Tuulikki and Ropi took part. Also Aulikki was present. There were also two tests: 2.6.2019 blood tracking test (open class): Tuulikki was best with first price and 49/50 points, judge Antti Koski. Next day, wednesday 3rd of Jyly working ability test for retrievers: Fille (O. Ophelia) got NOU1 judge: Jari Hartikainen. So, also she is now qualified in the field


8.6.2019 Salo working ability test for retrievers. Tuulikki (O. Odeur De Rose) got NOU1!! so, she is qualified in the field now! Judge: Petri Tuominen

8.6.2019 Helsinki group show. Only one and half an hour after getting the certification from the field test Tuulikki reached show place in Helsinki: she was first in junior class with excellent. Also syster Fille (O. Othello) was present – she was fourth in the same class with very good. Judge: Saija Juutilainen

Some summer  & training photos May-June 2019:

18.5.2019 New video

11.5.2019 Helsinki INT show. From O-litter in junior class: Luca (O. Othello) excellent, also BOS junior, Jalo  (O. Orlando) very good, Maisa (O. Odeur De Fleur), very good, Tuulikki (O. Odeur De Rose) excellent  and second in class, Martta  (O. Onnelie) very good and in veteran class Irma (O. Bon Arrivee) first in class with CC quality and BOB veteran. Finally also BB second, judge: Joakim Ohlsson

Joakim Ohlsson: ”10,5 år. Mycket tiltalande helhet. Utmärkt feminint huvud. Något mörka ögon. Utmärkt förbröst. Korrekt tunnformad bröstkorg. Utmärkta ben & tassar, korrekta vinklar. Rör som en ungdom. Utmärkt kondition”


6.5.2019 Mäntsälä Bloodtrackintg test by Uudenmaan noutajat ry, Aulikki (O. De La Rose) first price in winner class with 40 points, judge: Satu Koski

28.4.2019 Oripää, blood tracking test (by Auran Nuuskut ry), Maya (O. Isolde) first price in open class with 48/50 points, judge: Merja Kajander, Tuulikki (O. Odeur De Rose) second price in open class with 37/50 points,  judge: Marja Asikainen. Maya was also best dog in open class with  extra price

20.4.2019 I-litter 4 years, congrats!

14.4.2019 N-litter 13 months and O-litter 12 months came for a visit – thanks for a nice day!

Elmo (O. Nautilus)

Iivo (O. Novellus)

Natsu (O. Natalie)

Luca (O. Othello)

Jalo (O. Orlando)

Martta (O. Onnelie)

Tuulikki (O. Odeur De Rose)

Maisa (O. Odeur De Fleur)

Fille (O. Ophelia)

Bella (O. Ondina)


13.4.2019 O-litter one year, congrats!

12.4. C-litter 9 years, congrats!

10.4.2019 new videos: Tuulikki practising with a dummy , Tuulikki one year practising for a field test

31.3.2019 L-litter 2 years, congrats!

28.3.2019 E-litter 7 years, congrats!

12.3.2019 C-litter 9 years, congrats!

8.3.2019 G-litter 5 years and N-litter one year, congrats!


February – March 2019 Odorosas Labradors in Lapland – in the photos: Anneli (O. Amelie), Irma (O. Bon Arrivee), Aulikki (O. De La Rose), Irmeli (O. Irmelie), Maya (O. Isolde), Tuulikki (O. Odeur De Rose) and Fille (O. Ophelia)


2.2.2019 Järvenpää specialty show for labradors

In junior males: Voltti (O. Mario) good (only the pigmentation …), Elmo (O. Nautilus) very good,  Remo (O. Orfeus) excellent, Jalo (O. Orlando) very good, judge: Cinzia Masetti Fedi, Italy, In junior bitches: Dora (O. Nannelie) very good, Tuulikki (O. Odeur De Rose) excellent, Bella (O. Ondina) excellent, Fille (O. Ophelia) very good, judge: Tanja Nordhues, Germany, in ingermediate bitches: Mathilda (O. Marie Louise) very good and Lumi (O. Marie Rose) very good, judge: Galina Motor, Russia. THANKS EVERYBODY for a nice day!!


Bella, Tuulikki and Fille in Järvenpää specialty show


New video by Otto Kovanen

20.1.2019 Turku int show

Tuulikki (O. Odeur De Rose) and Fille (O. Ophelia) excellent in junior class, judge: Paula Rekiranta, Ruusa (O. Jolie Rose) excellent in open class, judge: Pihlippe Lammens, France

13.1.2019 Some friends came for visit: Wenla and Mette (G-litter), Wilma (H-litter), Freja and Siiri (M-litter). In the forest also all our own dogs: Anneli, Irma, Aulikki and Tuulikki

Mette and Siiri above in the picture

6.1.2019 N-litter, nine months, came for a visit! Thanks for a nice day!

Iivo (O. Novellus)  

Nemo (O. Nocturnus)

Elmo (O. Nautilus)
  Natsu (O. Natalie)
Dora (O. Nannelie)

Happy New Year 2019!