31.3.2020 L-litter 3 years, congrats!

28.3.2020 E-litter 8 years, congrats!

23.3.2020 Still more than two weeks left…. Happy mom Aulikki looking forward to getting puppies

8.3.2020 Jalo, Tuulikki, Irmeli, Bella, Luca, Elmo, Iivo and Martta at Koirakeidas Dog Training Center, Vantaa. Thanks  for Maria and Irmeli for inviting us!

8.3.2020 Wenla, Mette and Siiri came to celebrate Wenla´s and Mette´s birthday at us – in the photo also Tuulikki, Anneli and Aulikki

8.3.2020 N-litter 2 years, congrats!

8.3.2020 G-litter 6 years, congrats!

27.2.2020 Ropi (O. Harald) was chosen to years mushing dog of Satakunnan Noutajat – retriever club from South Western Finland

11.2.-22.2. 2020 Odorosas in Äkäslompolo, Lapland

9.2.2020 Blood tracking test in Kemiönsaari. Tuulikki 35 points and second price in winner class, judge: Mikko Ahti

photos: Antti Nisula and Mikko Ahti


3.2.2020 Trecking season began

12.2.2020 friends at us

From left: Armi, Maya, Mette, Siiri, Wenla, Aulikki, Tuulikki, Freja and Wilma

First week of January Odorosas in Äkäslompolo, Lapland:

Happy New Year 2020!