21.7.2021 working ability test for retievers in Tampere
Pamela got NOU1, so she is now qualified in the field. Judge: Jari Hartikainen

17.7.2021 Specialty show for labradors in Riihimäki
Nice results: Valdo was third in small puppies class, Hugo got excellent in junior male class, Pamela fot very good in junior class, Tuulikki got excellent in working class and Fille very good in working class. Judges: Kirsi Nieminen for puppies and junior bitches, Matija Ficko for bitches and Jan-Erik Ek for males.  Also Daphny, Donna and Stella participated (small puppies class) but did´t get any placements

24.6. – 4.7. 2021 Odorosas at the Summer place in the archipelago

20.6.2021 Bloodtracking test in Salo.
Tuulikki got 44/50 points in winner class and Pamela 23/50 points in open class. Judge: Rauno Koskinen

16.6.2021 Bloodtracking test in Jyväskylä.
Tuulikki got 47/50 points in winner class. Judge: Tuula Svan

13.6.2021 Bloodtracking test in Lohja.
Tuulikki got 44/50 points in winner class.  Judge: Tuovi Henttu Torckell

5.6.2021 Bloodtracking test in Pusula. Tuulikki got 49/50 points in winner class. Judge: Petri Pelkonen

17.5.2021 R-litter 16 weeks came for a visit:

Pamela practising….

6.5.2021 Q-litter 8 months came for a visit:

9.5.2021 Bloodtracking test in Raasepori. Tuulikki got 45/50  points in winner class. Judge: Antti Koski

3.5.2021 Sulo, O. Poker Bear & Sisu, O. Pratensis came for a visit. from Northern Finland:

1.5.2021 Krokö – the summer is soon there…

R-litter 12 weeks came for a visit:

20.4.2021 I-litter 6 years – congrats

13.4.2021 O-litter 3 years – congrats

4.4.2021 P-litter one year – congrats

Odorosas Aulikki, Tuulikki, Pamela & Maya (O. Isolde) enjoying the spring in Lapland

30.3.2021 L_litter 3 years – congrats

28.3.2021 E-litter 9 years – congrats

11.3.2021 R-litter moved to their new loving families

more pics of the R-litter in R-litter´s own page

8.3.2021 G-litter seven years and N-litter three years – CONGRATS!

18.2.2021 Happy dog Anneli had a wonderful life, thank you so much!

21.1.2021 R-litter born, three males and five females – all is fine with Tuulikki and the pups!

16.1.2021 Snow time at our home forest by Pamela

20.12.2020 – 3.1.2021 Odorosas in Äkäslompolo, Lapland

Family Liikkanen came for a walk with K-litter Konu. In the photo also Aulikki & Tuulikki

1.1.2021  Happy New Year!