Born 28.11.2015

seven males + two females

Sire: Adventurer´s Erase´n Rewind, Puntti

Dam: FI TR CH Odorosas De La Rose, Aulikki

Pedigree: link to the Finnish KoiraNet database


Odorosas Janus Jovial, Laku

Odorosas Jelly Bean, Roope

Odorosas Jimmy James, Jimi

Odorosas Joli Tresor, Gössi

Odorosas Jolly Joker, Jokke

Odorosas Jolly MIo, Tarmo

Odorosas Josper Jovial, Hippo

Odorosas Jolie Fleur, Oona

Odorosas Jolie Rose, Ruusa

Greetings from their new homes:

Odorosas Jolly Joker, Jokke got NOU1 and is now qualified in the field


Odorosas Josper Jovial, Hippo has lot of good placements in the shows, also with CC quality