Tuulikki at 4½ years in the photos above


D.o.B.  13.4.2018

Link to pedigree and results in the Finnish KoiraNet database

  • Color: yellow eeBB
  • Hips: AA
  • Elbows: 00
  • Eyes: clear, OptiGen prcd-PRA: N/n, OSD: N/N


  • Degenerative Myelopathy N/N
  • EIC: N/N
  • HNPK: N/n
  • MFD/SD2:  N/N
  • CNM: N/N


  • first in working class with excellent and CC quality


  • NOU1 (qualified in field)
  • Blood tracking: first price in winner class, FI TR CH

Tuulikki at 4½ years age:

Tuulikki at 4 years age:

Tuulikki at 3½years age:

Tuulikki at  three years age:

Tuulikki at two years age:

Tuulikki under Two years:

Tuulikki 13 months:

Tuulikki 10 months:

Tuulikki 7 months:

Tuulikki 16 weeks:

Tuulikki 12 weeks: