24.12.2022 Merry Christmas!

10.12.2022 New snow in our home forest

3.12. and 4.12. 2022 Nordic Winner and Winner shows in Helsinki: In Saturday Tuulikki was fourth in working class with excellent, judge Marjo Jaakkola and in Sunday Tuulikki was third in working class with excellent and CC quality, judge Tina Angrell, Sweden.

30.11.2022 Maya, Odorosas Isolde passed away only at 7½ years age – her conditon collapsed only in few days by a very unusual heart cancer

Maya 20.4.2015 . 30.11.2022

15.-23.10.2022 Aulikki, Tuulikki, Pamela & Maya enjoying the holidays in Äkäslompolo, Lapland

12.10.2022 New face photos: Aulikki with her daughters: Tuulikki & Pamela

2.10.2022 Odorosas in Stora Krokö, Hiittinen Souther Finland

25.9.2022 Kouvola blood tracking test. Tuulikki got first price in winners class with 47/50 points. Judge Esa Pekkarinen

September 2022 Tuulikki doing some blood tracking excercise

17.9.2022 National championship in blood tracking in Pudasjärvi. From 18 regional winners Pamela was 10th getting first price in winners class. Judges Kari Hyytiäinen and Johanna Nedrum

17.9.2022 and 24.9.2022 Great show results: Hugo, O. Quizas Quizas was BOB getting also CC in both of the all breed shows: Hyvinkää, judge Vesa Lehtonen and Riihimäkri, judge Pia Itkonen

3.9.2022 Regional championship test in blood tracking (Helsingin Seudun Kennelpiiri ry). Pamela was first with 49/50 points. With that result she continues to the national championship test in the middle of September. Judge: Antti Koski

14.8.2022 Bloodtracking test in Tammela. Tuulikki got 47/50 points in winners´ class. Judge: Kari Grönman

3.8.2022 S-litter & T-litter came for a visit

Jyly 2022 in Krokö

20.7.2022 Blood tracking test in Orivesi. Tuulikki got 46/49 points in winners´class. Judge: Pari Kemppainen

2.-9.7.2022 in Äkäslompolo, Lapland – also a day trip to Kilpisjärvi and Saana fell

24.-26.6. Midasummer in Krokö at the summer cottage

23.6.2022 Blood tracking test in Eurajoki. Pamela another first price to Pamela with 49/50 points – judge again: Rauno Koskinen
20.6.2022 Blood tracking test in Salo: Pamela got first price in winners class with 45/50 points – with that result she got also a new tittle: FI TR CH. Judge: Rauno Koskinen

26.5.2022 Specialty show for service dogs in Helsinki – not bad results (photos: Sami Listola & Anniina Alaluusua-Listola)

8.5.2022 Blood tracking test in Raasepori – very nice result: Pamela got 47/50 points in winner´s class and wan Uudenmaan Noutajat ry Club´s Kasperin Karahvi – challnge cup

1.5.2022 T-litter was born. Mom and all the pups are doing fine

26.4.2022 Tuulikki´s & Pamela´s Year´s 2021 blood tracking price rosettes and diplomas came by the post – so proud girls!

30.3.2022 Odorosas S-litter was born. Fille and all the  pups (4+1) are doing fine, see the S-litter´s page

29.3.2022. We are expecting another litter for this Spring

29.3.2022. Tuulikki & Pamela were chosen to last year´s blood tracking dogs by Uudenmaan Noutajakoirayhdistys ry

28.3.2022 Odorosas Spring litters celebrating their birthdays, congrats!

8.3.2022 G-litter 8 years & N-litter 4 years! Congrats!

16.-27.2.2022 Odorosas in Lapland, Äkäslompolo with: Aulikki, Fille, Irmeli, Maya and Pamela

6.2.2022 R-litter came for a visit – so much fun!

21.1.2022 Happy birthday R-litter 1-year!

January 2022. Odorosos spending  holidays in Äköslompolo, Lapland

Happy New Year 2022!