5.6.2024. U-litter D.o.B. 6.5.2023 came for a visit, thanks Nala, Leevi and Ruben for a nice evening!


1.-3.6.2024 Tuulikki & Pamela having fun at the sommer cottage, Stora Krokön, Hiittinen


29.5.2024 V- & X-litter 6 months at us – so much fun!

from the left: Gry, Hilla, Volga, Mauno, Olof, Rölli, Rölli & Bella


19.5.2024. Blood tracking test in Loppi by the Labrador Retriever Club of Finland. Pamela got 47/50 points in winner class and won the Golden Track Challenge Cup. Judge: Johanna Nerdrum


12.5.2024 INT Show in Helsinki: Hugo, O. Quizas Quizas. Was BM 1st with BOB and CACIB, great done Nana & Hugo!


12.5.2024 Blood tracking test in Fiskars. Pamela got 49/50 points in winner class. Judge: Heikki Pirhonen


5.5.2024 Blood tracking test in Fiskars. Tuulikki got 44/50 points in winner class. Judge: Esa Pekkarinen

1.5.2024 X-litter came for a visit – so much fun!

from the left: Stella, Rölli, Olof, Lyyli, Rölli, Hilla and Irma


28.4.2024 Blood tracking test in Mynämäki. Tuulikki got 48/50 points in winner class, judge: Kari Grönman. With that result she was the best of the test.

Kari Grönman, judge and Anu Ikonen the guide + happy girl Tuulikki


26.4.2024 Pusu, O. Rose Marie – doughtor to Tuulikki and little sister to Pamela came for a visit – so much fun!


23.4.2024 New snow in Espoo – 28 cm in one day! It´s very unusal this time of the year!


14.4.2024 Bella, Halla, Helmi, Volga & Yoda from V-litter came for a visit – thanks everybody!



7.4.2024 Happy birthday Pamela & O. P-litter 4 years!


28.3.  6.4. 3034 Odorosas in Äkäslompolo


1.4.2024 FI CH Odorosas Harald in memoriam

Ropi 6.7.2014 – 1.4.2024. Ropi had a wonderful life with his owner Sanna Seikkula

10.2. – 25.2.2024 Tuulikki & Pamela spending time in Äkäslompolo, Lapland

Odorosas Igneus, ”Onni and Odorosas Que Oloroso, ”Tovo” + Heli joided us one day – so much fun in Kuertunturi fell!

17.- 18.1.2024 X-litter moved to their new homes

18.1.2024 Tuulikki + O. Xaramia & O. Xavier visited Kerava Upper Secondary School – so much to learn!

10.1.2024 V-litter moved to their new homes

1.1.2024 Puppy life at us: O. V-litter and O. X-litter were born in November 2023 – 17 happy pups living here right now…

1.1.2024 Happy New Year 2024!