29.11.2023 X-litter was born – Freja and the pups (four males and six females) are doing fine!

22.11.2023 V-litter was born – Martta and the pups (two males and five females) are all doing fine!

14.-22.10.2023 Odorosas on vacation in Äkäslompolo, Lapland

8.10.2023 U-litter 6 months came for a visit – thanks Bella, Leevi, Luna and Ruben!

10.9.2023 Another great blood tracking weekend in Tuusniemi. From this year´s results Pamela was chosen to best 7 retrievers in blood tracking in Finland. Yesterday´s test was hold by Finnish Retriever Association and from those seven retrievers Pamela was third in the test with 46/50 points. Five best dogs were chosen to Finnish team in Nordic Championship next summer in Norway. Judge Markku Hassinen. In the photo also the guide, Juha Holopainen.


3.9.2023 What a great blood tracking weekend! Pamela was first (47/50 points) and Tuulikki second (42/50 points) in Helsinki district championship. With that result Pamela continues to the national championship competition after two week is Loppi. In the photo also bronze winner Tiny Tempressess Can´t Stop Loving You, “Nala” with Nin Filink

2.9.2023 Jackson + Verena & Günter from Germany came for a short visit – it was so nice to meet at us!

23.8.2023. happy birthday Q-litter 3-years! Also some other birthdays in the photo

17.8.2023 U-litter came for a visit – we had a great evening together!

13.8.2022 Bloodtracking test in Tammela by Labrador Retrievers´ Club of Finland. A great result; Pamela got 50/50 points in winners class. With that result she won the challange cup for this year. Judge: Antti Koski

6.8.2023 Vesilahti group show. O. Quando Quando, Late was first in working class with CC quality. Finally BM first with CAC and BOS, great done Late and the happy owner Sanna!

4.-6.8.2023 Tuulikki & Pamela enjoying the summer in the summer cottage, Hiittinen, Stora Krokö


30.7.2023 Fiskars bloodtrarking test. Pamela got first price in winners class with 44/50 points, judge: Marika Raittinen

25.7.2023 Fiskars bloodtracking test. Tuulikki got first price in winners class with 46/50 points, judge: Mikko Ahti

20.7.2023 Jyväskylä, Surkeen leirikeskus bloodtracking test. Tuulikki got first price in winners class with 46/50 points, judge: Kari Grönman

25.6.-9.7.2023 Odorosas in vacation in Lapland: Day trips to the fells in Äkäslompolo and also visit to Kilpisjärvi and 23 km hike over Pikku-Malla fell to the boundary mark of Finland, Sweden and Norway. Also a sad news: Aulikki´s back pain became worse and during her last days her movement was really hard.

4.7.2023 FI TR CH Odorosas De La Rose, Aulikki in memoriam – Aulikki lived a happy life!

The four photos above are from Aulikki´s last days in Lapland


25.6.2023 Jyväskylä INT show. Hugo, O. Quizas Quizas was first in open class with CC quality. Finally BM 2nd and RES CACIB! Judge Jari Partanen

18.6.2023 Oripää blood tracking test. Pamela got 46 points in winners class, judge: Saija Kaleva

18.6.2023 Pöytyä group show. Late, O. Quando Quando was first in working class with CC quality and finally BM 2nd, with RES CC. Judge. Tiina Illukka

3.5.2023 Blood trecking tes in Skogby: Tuulikki got 44 points in winners class, judge: Juhani Heikniemi

6.5.2023 U-litter was born – Pamela & three males and three females are all doing fine! Linkt to U-litter´s page

4.5.2023 Pamela is getting quite big..

29.4.-30.4. Tampere Nord Show & Tampere INT show. O. Quizas Quizas, Hugo´s double rosettes from today and yesterday! 29.4.2023 Tampere Nord Show: Hugo was first in open class with CC quality. Finally also BM 2nd and NORD RES CAC. Judge Domenico Di Matteo. 30.4.2023 Tampere INT SHOW: Hugo was first in open class with CC quality. Finally BM 3rd and RES CACIB which changes later to CACIB!! Judge: Knut Sigurd Wilberg. Great done Hogo and the happy owner Nana

23.4.2023 A great weekend in the archipelago by Aulikki, Tuulikki & Pamela

23.4.2023 Lahti INT show. A great show today: O. Quizas Quizas, Hugo, was first in open class with CC quality – finally BM2 with res CACIB. Judge: Katja Korhonen. Congrats Hugo and the happy owner Nana!!

5.4.2023 Happy news – hopefully everything goes well and Pamela´s puppies will  be born in week 19

25.3.2023 Martta, O. Onnelie came for a visit

in the photo above: Aulikki, Tuulikki, Pamela and Martta

17. – 26.2.2023. Odorosas on vacation in Lapland

Pusu, Pamela, Tuulikki, Filippa, Fille and Aulikki in the photo above

14.2.2023 Happy Valentine´s day!

in the photos above: Aulikki, Pamela and Tuulikki

21.1.2023. R-litter two years – also other birthdays this spring – congrats!

21.1.2023 S- & T- litter came for a visit

1.1.-8.1.2023 + Christmas 2022 Odorosas in Äkäslompolo – so much fun! By Aulikki, Tuulikki & Pamela

1.1.2023 Happy New Year 2023!